New Horizon is one of the best academies of Nepal operated by dynamic team of higher education leaders, innovators, teachers, and professionals. By adopting nationally and internationally established best practices; the institute is creating diverse and interactive e-learning technologies and delivering courses beyond the traditional classroom-oriented pedagogy. from which, the student community unable to participate in traditional academic activities have an option to learn at their own pace and to develop the independent study skulls that will benefit them throughout their academic careers.

We aim to create the best opportunities for our students by putting an emphasis on work-based learning. We offer nationally recognized syllabus at internationally practiced teaching methods. Our team have an excellent reputation for research, for providing work-based learning, and for the level of recognition granted by professional bodies.

Our strong relations and experience from national and international reputation for academic quality puts us in the top of the list in the sector. Our programs designed and delivered by highly qualified, experienced, excellent, and professional teachers. Our courses and the credit hours are thoroughly calculated, examined, and tested over the years hence, the students will learn in efficient manner in easiest way possible. 

Mission and vision

Through applied education, modern teaching methods and insight we are aiming to transform lives, communities, businesses and society through applied education and insight. Over the period of coming five years, we will adapt to take full advantage of available resources and its optimum usage via capturing the need of changes in education system, future demands, and students’ behavior.

Student Success

We want to be recognized as a leading organization for outstanding practice-led learning, fostering the development of able graduates, ready to address business and societal challenges.

Real world impact

We will have research and innovation that enhances teaching and tackles global and civic challenges, generates critical insights and sustainable solutions that transform the lives of individuals, communities, businesses, and society.

Access to opportunity

Through local and global partnerships, we will create opportunities for individuals, businesses, and society, and remove barriers to success.

Fit for the future

We will create a flexible, physical, and digital environment, which is it for the future and embraces innovation and sustainability. Our transformational and inclusive culture will be people-centric, values-led and ambitious. Our core activity will align with businesses’ and society’s current and future requirements in terms of skills, knowledge, innovation, and insight

Why study with US?

Our virtual classrooms offer a modern, professional study destination. Our focus is to ensure our graduates do not just have their dream educational career at their hand, but are highly employable and motivated individuals ready to function in a dynamic business environment. 

    • Out of many few reasons to join us: 
    • Courses focused on students’ needs
    • Academic staff with up-to-the-minute real-world expertise
    • Scholarship and bursary opportunities 
    • Competitively-priced for all programs
    • Stimulating curriculum 
    • Unparalleled links with top lecturers and professors 
    • Partnership with international entrance preparation institute, who have 20+ years developing business and IT skills. 

Our joint goal is to combine the quality of Pragyanam programs with the requirement of entrance exams so enhance our students’ chances to top the list.

In the process we have attracted faculty members with significant up-to-date experience in the business world. We have also established purpose-built teaching facilities that prepare students properly for the entrance exam preparation and technological environment they can expect when they commence or progress their careers.

The programs at our classrooms follows the exam pattern, students’ capability and designed as per the sector needs by the Pragyanam and taught by qualified, experience professionals.