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Welcome to Horizon GBS !

“Horizon” is the pioneer  academy of Nepal operated by dynamic team of higher education leaders, innovators, teachers and professionals. By adopting nationally and internationally established best practices; the institute is creating a diverse and interactive e-learning technologies and delivering online courses beyond the traditional classroom-oriented pedagogy. From which, the student community unable to participate in traditional academic activities; have an option to learn at their own pace and to develop the independent study skills that will benefit them throughout their academic careers.

We aim to create the best opportunities for our students by putting an emphasis on work-based learning. We offer nationally recognized syllabus at internationally practiced teaching methods. Our team have an excellent reputation for research, for providing work-based learning, and for the level of recognition granted by professional bodies. 

Our strong relations and experience from national and international reputation for academic quality puts us in the top of the list in the sector. Our programs designed and delivered by highly qualified, experienced, excellent, and professional teachers. Our courses and the credit hours are thoroughly calculated, examined, and tested over the years hence, the students will learn in efficient manner in easiest way possible. See more…

Our Features


Highly Qualified Faculty

We are proud to associate with highly Qualified faculty members , who have achieved academic excellence in the field of teaching and competitive examination.

Daily interactive classes

Chat with teachers, ask questions, answer live polls, and get your doubts cleared – all while the class is going on.

Practice and Revise

Learning isn’t just limited to classes,with our practice section, mock tests, and lecture notes shared as PDFs for your revision.

Learn anytime, anywhere

One subscription gets you access to all our live and recorded classes to watch from the comfort of any of your devices.


Horizon Gautam Buddha School (Horizon GBS in short) is an A grade English Medium School situated in Tilottma Municipality -1, Rupandehi district, western Nepal. It offers a child friendly environment and the highest standard of warm pastoral care to school level aspirants. Having developed its reputation for high quality education within short period of time, this school has more than 1800 students from Montessori level to the 12th standard.

The school environment provides students with good base for smooth and easy level wise progressions according to their cognitive development. The activities of the students are measured and changed along with the concrete counseling of instructors within and outside the class. The teachers have been bringing the behavioral changes of the students while producing outstanding summative results in recent years. READ MORE

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New Horizon Conduct Cultural programme where students take part in different cultural programme
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